April News for the Ohio Chapter

The last 7 days have been busy, but very inspiring. Thursday the 6th we had a flag presentation. Friday the 7th, we had a flag presentation in Dayton. Saturday the 8th we joined hundreds of friends and family at the Let Us Never Forget Scholarship Dinner. Had a great meeting today with John Prazynski. Tonight, we ordered 4 flags, and will order one more as soon as the phone rings with some much needed info.
The Music Festival is going full speed ahead as you can see by the posts thanking sponsors. We ALWAYS need more sponsors. We put the festival on every year so that our families can come together and visit, but it would be wonderful to use it as a fundraiser for more personalized flags.
We’ve been invited to attend the Patriot Freedom Festival in Dayton this year that is held each year over the Memorial Day Weekend.
I have also been working on a project for our national organization finding some of the first flag requesters in our organizations history, and we are in the planning stages for some very special long distance flag presentations.
To become a Music Festival Sponsor, you can go to oh.honorremember.org/music-festival/ for details, and how to donate.

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